Week 13 – IAT Tests

I took two different IAT tests to see the kind of person I am. One was supposed to tell me whether or not I think of myself as being depressed and the other was supposed to tell me my sexual preference. My experience of taking the tests were not that good. I did not trust the tests that were being taken because although they were looking for different things and were supposed to tell me two entirely different things they used the same process to do so. I had to put things into “good” and “bad” categories for both tests and occasionally they would switch what is good and what is bad. It seemed like a good way to go when I first took the test but the second time around I already had experience and it almost seemed redundant. That is why when I got the results I did not trust that they were correct. I think that that is not a good way of testing the kind of person you are because there can be a million different possibilities of what one can be. The results were surprising because they told me that I am a person that I do not really think I am. I do not think that this test can be useful for college students or future careers because all it does is point out how stressed one is and stressing the person out while doing it. It also makes assumptions without having good evidence because putting words into categories will not tell me whether I am straight, lesbian, or bisexual.


3 thoughts on “Week 13 – IAT Tests”

  1. I agree that the test and flawed with a high risk of stressing the participant. I must state that the test might have significance when taken far apart or for the first time. The test might also work better if the topic was more subconscious rather than sexuality, which is something most people actively think about in themselves. Maybe whether someone prefers brunettes or redheads might be something more ambigious that could be tested.


  2. I think you may have misunderstood what the IAT is testing. The purpose is not to determine your own sexual orientation or if you are depressed. The purpose is to see if you tend to associate sexual orientations or someone being depressed with positivity or negativity. Does that change your perspective on the test at all?


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